River Point to Falmouth Rd Trail – Falmouth, ME MTB Trails


A 1.0 mile, one way MTB trail run from River Point Conservation Area to Falmouth Road.

This route starts at the Hannaford in West Falmouth, Maine and mostly follows the Cross Falmouth Trail, with a slight detour in the beginning along Farm Road Trail, Orchard Trail, and Perimeter Trail back to the Cross Falmouth Trail for the remainder of the run.

This is a short MTB run, but has fun corners, fast sections, and short but challenging climbs. A sprint from start to finish is a workout. There is a large metal bridge crossing at the 0.5 mile mark that you have to carry over.

The video ends at Falmouth Rd, but the Cross Falmouth Trail picks up again nearby. In fact, there are two options from the end of the trail at Falmouth Rd: Take a right, go up the hill and take a left into McCrann Preserve for a few miles of gnarly, rooted pedaling. Take a left, follow Falmouth Rd up the hill, then take a right on Twin Ponds Dr where you can pedal to the end of the road and get back on Cross Falmouth Trail. This takes you into Falmouth Community Park where there are lots of additional trails, and continues all the way to Winn Rd where you can cross over to Highland Trail and access Hadlock Community Forest and beyond (you can go all the way to Blackstrap, and on to Lowell Preserve in Windham).

Bike is a 2017 Giant Trance 2. Telemetry overlay created with DashWare, GPX tracking using Strava on Apple Watch 4, GPX tidying with JOSM.

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