Being a member of NEMBA, the New England Mountain Bike Association, has a lot of perks. We’re happy to add even more to that list.

  1. Save 5% on every order at
  2. BIG BONUS PERKS: Ceramic mugs for only $12 (Valid to 9/30/2021)

Add your NEMBA membership number to your account and instantly unlock a 5% discount on every order and bonus perks in the 207MTB Shop. New bonus perks will be added periodically, so keep an eye out.

Plus, you can choose your active NEMBA Chapter so that future proceeds can be directed to the chapter where you ride.

Adding your NEMBA Member #:

  1. You must be a registered user on (log in/register here)
  2. Go to Account > Account Details from the main menu and enter your Member # (or enter during signup)
  3. Select your NEMBA Chapter from the list.

That’s it! You will now see your NEMBA Discount in your shopping cart.

Where do I find my NEMBA Member #?

Your member # is listed on the physical card mailed to you by NEMBA, or you can log in to and click the user icon to view your profile and download your digital ID card.

What are the benefits of joining NEMBA?

Being a NEMBA member does more than just help the trails and communities you love. NEMBA membership has a ton of perks:

  1. 40% off Trailforks Pro
  2. Steep discount on SPOT MTB injury insurance
  3. Free NEMBA stickers
  4. Subscription to Singeltracks magazine
  5. Discounts at Highland MTB park and many other destinations
  6. And much more…

To view the list of benefits and sign up today, visit:

If you ride mountain bikes in New England, you have already benefited from the work NEMBA has been doing for the last 30 years. The fact is, most of the trails we ride probably wouldn’t exist without this mostly volunteer organization of fellow riders.

If you love mountain biking, this is the single best way you can help support the trails we all ride.